Fun Recipes: Chili Cheese Fries Pizza

Dec 5, 2016 at 4:43 pm |

It's more savory than the average pizza

Despite their international name, French fries are the ultimate American treat. They’re salty, crispy, hot, and oh, so satisfying. They’re even more tasty when you top them with meaty chili and melted cheese. But you don’t usually find them on the menu when you go to your favorite Italian restaurant that serves pizza. How can you go on choosing between the two? You can’t, so we had to come up with this chili cheese fry pizza just to satisfy both of your cravings at the same time. And you won’t be disappointed by what’s going to be your favorite new snack.

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You can now eat your chili cheese fries without a fork! Just cook it up and put it on top of a pizza crust before popping it in the oven to get it hot and melty.

Have you ever thought about putting salty French fries on your pizza yet?