Farrah Is Allegedly Making Fake Accounts to up Her Yelp Score

Feb 9, 2017 at 3:11 pm |

Well, that's embarrassing...

It’s the norm to see hate filled comments on all of Farrah’s social media pages. It takes a minute to scroll through and find one positive comment about the Teen Mom star. That’s why people were suspicious when, out of nowhere, Farrah was being showered with positive comments. It didn’t take long for people to jump to conclusions.

So Farrah is being accused of creating a fake profile called “Cre8wealth” to leave positive comments about herself and her businesses. The Yelp account posts to various celebrity social media pages asking for their business and pretty much just makes up flat out lies.

Check out Farrah’s fake Yelp reviews for a good laugh.

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Source: Instagram @farrah__abraham


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