Farrah Abraham Does “Charity Work” by Giving Her Dog a Spa Day

Feb 3, 2017 at 3:40 pm |

I'm not sure that qualifies as charity

Most people wouldn’t think that donating a simple household item that we all take for granted could mean so much to someone who has so little in an impoverished country. But Caring for Cambodia is in need of toothbrushes and other such items for children who otherwise wouldn’t have the means to procure them. Farrah Abraham was able to help this charitable organization out, and herself, just by giving her dogs a day at the spa.

Farrah Abraham eating FroCo yogurt

Source: Instagram @farrah__abraham

Farrah Abraham wanted to do something nice for someone else (finally), so she took her dogs to get groomed and brought along some hygiene products for others.

Mysterious benefactor?