Everything We Learned From Matt Baier’s Baby Mama’s AMA

Dec 15, 2016 at 1:17 pm |

Now we finally get the truth!

Matt Baier was just starting to work his way into our hearts, and now this happened! One of his many disgruntled baby mammas has decided to spill the beans on his true nature, which she believes is really bad. She wants everyone to know that Matt is simply not a good person and listed all of the reasons why during a recent Reddit “Ask Me Anything.” We were honestly surprised by what she had to say about him.

Matt Baier

Source: Instagram @realamberlportwood1__

Kelli Nunn, the mother of Matt Baier’s nine year-old daughter, is on the warpath to expose him for what he really is: a conniving monster who destroys women.

You won't believe how many kids Kelli says that Matt has!