Escort Calls Out Stephen Curry’s Wife On Twitter, She Holds Nothing Back!

Dec 17, 2014 at 10:56 am |

Prostitute blasts wife about cheating husbands

Pro athletes are known to not only cheat on their wives, but cheat with skanky groupies. These women are always threats to the wives at home. Wives are always on edge, making sure their husbands are behaving, especially while the road. Ayesha Curry, wife to NBA baller Stephen Curry, took to her Twitter to share her unasked opinions on not-so-classy women.

Popular and proud escort Jenna Shea must’ve been in her feelings because she clapped back at the mother of two with an unfriendly message about her hubby Steph.

A popular escort blasts Ayesha Curry, warning her about cheating husbands.

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