Easy Dinner Recipes: Taco + Frittata = TACOTTATA!

May 25, 2016 at 5:01 pm |

Tacos for breakfast!

Is there a person out there who doesn’t LOVE tacos? While you are drooling just thinking about them, I propose a challenge: Ditch those out-dated taco shells. When you see this easy-to-make, super fun recipe that marries tacos and frittatas to make a tacottata, you’ll want to test it out! Taco Tuesday at home will never be the same.

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Credit: Consumed Media

This simple dinner recipe uses corn tortillas and egg crust for the base and all your favorite taco fixins for the filling! Definitely give this a try for a new but familiar dish for the family or even for parties!

Adapted from OhBiteIt.com

You have no idea how awesome this is…

You have no idea how awesome this is...