Drake Attempts to Talk Suicidal Man From Jumping Off Bridge

Feb 14, 2017 at 12:12 pm |

Don't jump, bro!

According to reports, Drake tried to transfer his Hotline Bling success into a suicide hotline for an unidentified man in Manchester, England.

While the man was holding up on the wrong sides of the bridge’s barricade, threatening to jump, he had eventually built up quite an extensive traffic jam. Turns out somewhere in the jam was Drake’s tour caravan. That night the mega-star was coming from his gig at Manchester Arena and by 5:40 AM, he and his crew were ready to get moving.

After finding out what the cause of the jam was, the music icon (who was recently named the world’s biggest selling recording artist) decided to offer up some help to the Jumpman.

TV star, best-selling musician, and now life saver? Is there anything Drizzy can’t do!?

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Source: Instagram @champagnepapi/OVO Sound

Hip-hop megastar Drake attempts to talk a man out of jumping off a bridge in Manchester.

What happened then?