Did David Eason Kick Barb out of the Delivery Room?

Feb 10, 2017 at 3:06 pm |

Things are heating up in the Evans home

The current season of Teen Mom 2 has definitely highlighted the tension in the Evans household. Based on some of the moments we’ve seen over the past few weeks, it’s pretty obvious that Jenelle’s newest baby-daddy, David Eason, does not get along with Barbara, Jenelle’s mother. To be fair, Jenelle doesn’t really get along with her mother, but thats neither here nor there. According to Barb, David did not seem to even want her in the room while Jenelle was delivering baby Ensley.

Can you say drama?

David Eason and Barbara Evans Fight

Source: MTV

Jenelle Evans doesn’t really get along with her mother, but does that mean her new baby daddy doesn’t have to get along with her either?

Barb, David, and Jenelle just can't stop fighting