Crushed Out? Use These Compliments to Win His Heart!

Jun 28, 2016 at 3:26 pm |

Find out from the men themselves

Everyone loves a compliment. From a stranger approaching you to tell you they like your handbag to your mom telling you how beautiful you are, a little reassurance puts a skip in your step. (Unless it’s cat calling, which is just nasty). But some people are nervous about vocalizing their appreciation for someone, especially when it’s someone you like-like.

The men of Reddit shared what kind of compliments they like to receive. Put these in your pocket to woo your crush. A nice and simple compliment will make their day and they’ll think of you as nice and genuine and appreciative. Never underestimate the power of being sweet.

 handsome shy man looking down

Credit: Deviant/Shutterstock

Find out from the men themselves.

When "nice eyes" just won't cut it...