Common Excuses Women Use to Get out of Doing It

Jun 6, 2016 at 5:34 pm |

For when she would rather do anything else

If there’s one thing that will keep a relationship going, it’s good sex. Many couples break up due to a lack of sex or sex incompatibility. But, there are definitely times when sex just can’t happen. Whether it’s sickness, or overtime at work, there are the random moments when sex isn’t an option for her. And as a partner, it’s important to be sensitive to such instances. But if she doesn’t want to do it because she’s been having a headache for the past few weeks, you may wanna call “bullsh*t!”

woman looking very sneaky

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When she says “not tonight,” here’s why…and she means it.

Alas, here are six excuses women may give to avoid having sex.