Chelsea Houska Slams Ex Adam

Feb 9, 2017 at 1:27 pm |

Here Adam goes again!

Chelsea Houska is so over her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind. He was never a great father for little Aubree, plus she’s already got a great stepdad taking care of her and her new little brother, Watson Cole DeBoer.

She tries so hard not to speak ill of him on the show. “I’ve seen the show when people are talking about their exes. I just feel like that’s so disrespectful. That’s a private conversation,” said Chelsea. But she just couldn’t sit idly and stay silent about Adam anymore, after all, her daughter’s well-being and happiness is at stake. She had this to say about Adam’s recent behavior towards her and their daughter.

Adam lind flexing

Source: Instagram @adamjoelind

You think a guy would man up and do right by his kids eventually, but Adam Lind doesn’t seem to be caring much for his daughter, Aubree, with Chelsea Houska.

I'm not sure if Adam will ever do right by Aubree or his other daughter.