Guy Is Caught Cheating on Burger King’s Instagram

Feb 20, 2017 at 5:10 pm |

Could he have been any dumber?

Burger King is known for lots of things: The clever mascot (suitably named, The Burger King), the paper crowns (worn by the likes of Hugh Laurie and Nick Van Eede), and my personal favorite, the chicken fries, are just few of the 64-year-old fast food chain’s popular traits. For a while back in 2013, the franchise was even known for admitting to have traces of horse meat in their products. Bet you didn’t know that fact, huh?

According to its website, over 11 million people eat Burger King everyday; The King is popular. Whethher good or bad, Burger King’s dedicated customers have always been there. Hopefully, that’ll continue at the end of their latest scandal, affectionally known as: the cheating boyfriend.

burger king instagram cheating boyfriend comment

Source: Instragram @burgerking


Hopefully this didn’t cause Burger King to lose any friends.

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