Cash Me Ousside Girl Makes 40k Per Appearance Because Life is Unfair

Mar 2, 2017 at 11:31 am |

How Bow Dah?

Turns out she’s cashing out a lot more than she’s cashing people ousside…

Now that Danielle Bregoli has meme’d her way into the mouths of millions by saying six words on an episode of Dr. Phil, the Internet star is taking her newly found fame very seriously. After squadding up with some top-notch management, she’s reportedly charging $40,000 for an upcoming event appearance in Miami. Yes. Seriously. Forty thousand dollars to take pictures with the “cash me ousside” girl…

I’m done with you, Internet. You’ve created a monster!

cash me ousside girl danielle on dr. phil

Source: YouTube @The Dr. Phil Show

Since when did the “cash me ousside” girl start making 40k for her appearances?

Turns out being a meme is more lucrative than you thought.