Appetizer Recipes: Doritos Breaded Deep-Fried Queso Bites

Sep 20, 2016 at 11:23 am |

You can't handle this explosion of flavor

Fast food restaurants have really stepped up their mash-up game lately; Burger King has the Whopperito and Cheetos Chicken Fries, and Taco Bell has the Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito and Fritos Tacos. But you can make some sweet, savory mash-ups with your favorite chips right at home, and you don’t have to drive anywhere so it won’t congeal and get cold in the car. These Doritos queso bites are going to be your new Friday night Netflix-and-Chill specialty.

If you’re not into that kind of party, they will be the biggest hit at your next NFL showing. Be careful though: they are addictive. You’re going to have to make a lot to satisfy the whole team!

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Bite through a layer of nacho cheese Doritos into an oozing oasis of savory, melty queso. You can’t handle this explosion of flavor.

These ooey, gooey queso bites will be the star of game day