Amber Portwood Responds to Her Eviction Rumors

Feb 15, 2017 at 1:40 pm |

Amber reveals the truth!

Amber Portwood is sick and tired of rumors. It seems like accusations are getting thrown at her left and right; it’s hard to keep up! Allegedly, Amber has recently been involved in a lawsuit and eviction drama. The Teen Mom star decided to speak out, addressing the rumors head on.

If you know anything about the girls of Teen Mom,(other than the fact that they were teenage mothers) it should be that these girls LOVE Twitter. Anytime there is drama surrounding them, which honestly is pretty often, the girls turn to Twitter to vent. That’s exactly what Amber Portwood did in response to recent rumors about her eviction and lawsuit.

Find out what Amber has to say about the the rumors.

Amber portwood teen mom

Credit: MTV

The rumors won’t quit!

Are the rumors true?!