Adam Lind Is HOW Far Behind Child Support Payments?

Feb 2, 2017 at 12:36 pm |

He better get out that checkbook!

Adam Lind was never the most responsible guy, but we were hoping that he would grow out of that bad boy phase eventually. But it seems like he’s only getting worse, and he’s willing to risk going to jail in order to not support his children. Even though he’d rather be off Teen Mom 2, he’s so far behind in his child support payments that the checks from MTV may be his only way to stay out of the deadbeat dad slammer.

Adam Lind selfie

Source: Instagram @adamjoelind

Chelsea Houska’s first baby daddy is fed up with making monthly payments to support his daughter, and now he’s got to go to court to fight about his big debt.

He's got not one, but two children he's not paying for!