6 Physical Features Men Are Attracted To

Jul 12, 2016 at 1:51 pm |

What men want...

A wise man once said, “We’re genetically engineered to flirt. If we don’t flirt, we don’t have sex. If we don’t have sex, we don’t reproduce.” And just like the video says, guys can’t flirt unless they find women attractive. The video I’m speaking of is Graham Flanagan of Business Insider, who reveals what men find physically attractive in women according to science.

Ladies, when a guy walks by and checks you out, he’s doing just that—checking you out. From your hair, down to your toes, he’s scoping out the goods to see if you’re the one that can have his babies. Okay, so maybe he’s not always thinking exactly that, but he is at least making sure you take pride in yourself.

But according to Dr. Midge Wilson at DePaul University, when a man checks out a woman, he’s actually doing a Reproductive Fitness Assessment. “It’s a combination of the number of factors that have been scientifically proven to make women physically attractive to men,” Flanagan further explains.

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Ladies, here’s what drives him crazy.

Learn what guys like according to science.