12 Smartest Grocery Store Life Hacks

Aug 10, 2015 at 2:17 pm |

Get In. Get Out. Get Smart.

Going to the grocery store is stressful – there’s no two ways about it. Finding a parking spot, playing Tetris with grocery carts, avoiding the screaming children, and choosing the quickest checkout line make up some of the most stressful experiences of the day, so we avoid making the trip to the store to get the ingredients we need in order to make the dinner that we’re absolutely craving. But why should you sacrifice your appetite by not grabbing what you need at the store, when you can cheat the system and become a supermarket superhero?

Here are our must-know tips for all those brave enough to do the grocery shopping. With these simple rules of the aisle, you can get in and out in no time, save a few bucks, and avoid those socially awkward speed-bumps that keep forcing you to order in Chinese every night.

It’s time to conquer the produce section and slay your cold cuts, otherwise you’ll end up in the liqour aisle.

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