Free Apps at Applebee’s Tomorrow!

Jul 20, 2015 at 5:36 pm |

Yes, you read that right. FREE!
Yaaaas, get it!

Applebee’s is rolling out new modernized appetizers and they want you to eat all the foods. What’s the catch? The offer is only for sampler plates of their brand new culinary creations, which normally cost $10 to $14 — it’s one per party, so eat alone! Other dishes like Kobe meatballs, sweet and spicy pickles, and brisket sliders will be offered at a discounted price.

No, really, what’s the deal? Realizing America’s tastes have changed, they have updated their menu to reflect it. Say bye to the jalepeño poppers, hello sririccha shrimp and churro s’mores. The ‘Bee’s new campaign is called “Taste The Change”, which hopes to cash in on the expanding palate trend. Remember, it’s only for tomorrow, Tuesday July 21st.



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Eating free in the neighborhood!