Forget The Buns, Son! The Mac and Cheese Burger

Jul 27, 2015 at 4:34 pm |

Remember Tym Bussanich? He’s the mad genius behind the onion ring burger. He claims he’s “just a man with a pan. Cooking whatever I can. Creating dad bods since 2010.” But we call him “chef” because he’s a master and innovator of food mash-ups – especially the deep fried kind. So what else does he have for us?

How about macaroni and cheese? Putting gooey, stringy creamy mac ‘n’ cheese on a burger is nothing new. Check it out:

A photo posted by Brandon (@bzaps914) on

That’s amateur stuff. What does an advanced fat-lover do? Makes buns out of the mac ‘n’ cheese AND stuffs it with chili. Behold!

How about BACON before encasing the burger in mac ‘n’ cheese and deep frying the entire thing?

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Leave the gun, take the carbs.