Dunkin’ Donuts Challenges Starbucks with THIS Holiday Cup…

Nov 12, 2015 at 12:55 pm |

By now everyone on Facebook has heard about the select few people upset with Starbucks this holiday season. There were some Christians who were offended by the coffee chain’s choice to go with a simple red cup for the upcoming holiday season, as opposed to more “Christmas-themed” cups that they have supposedly featured in the past. Naturally, there was a huge backlash of people scoffing at those getting their panties in a bunch over a disposable coffee cup and many hilarious memes have been made making fun of the red cup “problem”.

starbucks red coffee cup meme

Source: Instagram @lindseyford06

Now another coffee giant has released their holiday cups, and they seem to be geared more towards Christmas than Starbucks’s version. Dunkin’ Donuts’s disposable cups read “Joy” and are decorated with evergreens. While it’s less inclusive than the Starbucks cup, it is not a direct response to the Red Cup Controversy. In a statement to Eater, Dunkin’ Donuts Vice President of Global Consumer Engagement Scott Hudler said, “For many years Dunkin’ Donuts has served coffee in festive cups featuring the word ‘joy’ as part of our annual celebration of the season and holiday offerings. We believe this conveys the happiness and spirit of the holiday season in a way that resonates with our guests.”

dunkin donuts holiday cup

Source: Instagram @israelhogue

Is a cup just a cup or something more?