Did You Know About The Secret ‘Quesarito’ From Chipotle?

Jul 22, 2015 at 4:27 pm |

It seems like most fast food places seem to have a secret menu these days. But Chipotle’s ultimate glutton item is beyond a double wrapped burrito or fresh cilantro. The “quesarito” is a quesadilla wrapped burrito. It sounds like something a stoner college kid came up with or a serious gamer who doesn’t have two hands to eat. I can’t hate though, something wrapped in extra gooey cheese sounds fantastic.

Apparently the quesarito has become quite popular. So popular in fact that now Chipotle is charging extra and making those that order it “step to the side” while employees have enough time to build it. A $3.50 fee is being imposed at all locations. Chris Arnold, the company’s communications director said, “…People were ordering them with enough frequency, and we’d see confusion among customers from time to time because they could be charged differently when they order it.” Seems fair considering cheese isn’t cheap and you are holding up the line.

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They raised the price!