Dear Pregnant Women, These Are the 4 Must-Haves You All Need

May 25, 2015 at 9:00 am |

Most of you may know by now that I am almost 7 months pregnant! I know…time is starting to fly by and my little boy will be here by the end of the summer.

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For the most part my pregnancy has been very drama free…no morning sickness, not too much discomfort, and I’ve been able to keep my weight in a healthy range. That being said, with each passing day I have more and MORE respect for Michelle Duggar…how that woman has done this 19 times I will NEVER understand. MAD PROPS Michelle!

Like every stage in life we have gadgets and gizmos a plenty available at our beck and call to make everything easier. I remember when the iPhone came out and I thought, “that’s just ridiculous, who needs all that stuff on a phone?” Now I have a small heart attack every time I misplace it. Well, pregnancy is no different.

When I first began to read pregnancy blogs and magazines at the beginning of this journey I was completely overwhelmed by all the things I just “HAD TO HAVE”. Don’t get me wrong if you have an endless budget and you want to experience everything pregnancy stuff has to offer, then by all means purchase away, but if you are like me and want to keep some change in your pocket for your little one then look no further. I decided to breakdown the four (that’s right four) things I believe are the best investments during your pregnancy. Curious? Read on!

1. Mama Bee Belly Butter by Burt’s Bees

I put this first on the list because I think most woman, after the joy of finding out they are expecting dies down a bit, start to think about the reality of what is going to happen to your body for the next 9 months. I have read more articles on “Women’s Fears During Pregnancy” and you know what the number one fear for most people was…stretch marks.

Now, coming from a woman who’s top weight was around 300 pounds, I have had my fair share of those pesky red lines on my belly and hips. That being said, over the last 4 years of keeping my weight down I have worked hard not to get any new additions to my collection. My body, once again, is going through a major transition and to help aid my skin in the expansion process I’ve been religiously using the Mama Bee’s Belly Butter. Trust me there are so many pricey, PRICEY, stretch mark creams out there, but to be honest, they are full of crazy chemicals which will be absorbed by your skin and possibly passed through the placenta to your baby. I don’t know about you, but NO product is worth putting my baby in possible danger.

So, early on I watched a pregnancy vlog on YouTube and the woman was raving about this stuff. I thought, “hey why not, it’s very inexpensive at around $12.99 and I can pick it up at Target.” This thick cream is incredible. It keeps stretch marks at bay, and keeps my growing belly comfortable. I haven’t had to deal with the typical itchy skin or burning feelings you can get while you grow! There are no Parabens, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, or Perfumes for you to worry about, so slather away!

2. Baby Beat Audio Fetal Doppler

For me this has brought me the most peace of mind out of anything I’ve done in my pregnancy. You see advertisements everywhere about investing in a fetal heart rate monitor so you can hear your baby’s heartbeat at home…but, boy oh boy are they gonna make you pay for it!! YOWZA, they are expensive. After doing some research on my own I found a company called and they not only have every fetal heart rate monitor under the sun, but they also have them all available to rent for a low monthly fee. I chose a very basic model that ran me around $19.00 a month and I rented it for 6 months. They offer insurance incase anything happens to it and when my bundle of joy arrives I just send it back. I definitely don’t use it everyday especially now that he’s kicking away, but in those earlier months when I couldn’t feel him yet it gave me so much relief to know I could listen to his little heartbeat and know he was happy and healthy.

3. The Gap’s 1969 Inset Panel Resolution True Skinny Jeans

I know, I know…I just said “skinny jeans”, but trust me I’ve tried every pair of maternity jeans under the sun and these were by FAR the best, and if you have ever shopped at The Gap you know they put things on crazy sale often. The original price of these jeans are around $69, but I bought mine for 40% off with an additional 10% off coupon I had. Score.

The reason I like these jeans so very much is the stretch in the jean fabric and the genius inset stretch panels at the waist. I tried to hard to love the maternity jeans that have those giant belly bands at the top and I found that no matter what size I got they just kept falling down. Literally, if I wasn’t holding my pants up at the waist they were around my ankles. I will admit the more “expensive” brands have maternity jeans, but I wouldn’t pay $250 for a pair of jeans when I’m not pregnant, so why would I spend that when I could only wear them for a few months. Trust me, run to The Gap, the entire maternity line is simple, chic, & cheap: the best equation I know.

4. The “Julian” Backpack by Rebecca Minkoff”

Yep, I’m telling you a backpack is an essential pregnancy item that you need in your life. I’m not talking about a school backpack either. This sleek and stylish leather backpack looks incredible when dressed up or just as great with jeans and a t-shirt. I first bought this backpack back when I was in my early stages of pregnancy and to be honest I bought it because I just liked the way it looked and thought it would be a great alternative to all the other typical handbags I own. I had no idea as my belly would grow that I would need both of my hands to do simple things like keeping my balance!

In addition to being extremely practical it allows me to stay hands free while not having to worry about a bag weighing down one shoulder or another. I have equal distribution of weight on my shoulders AND it really helps me not feel so front heavy. It has become the only bag I carry and I’m planning on buying one of her “sport” versions that uses waterproof material as a small diaper bag for quick trips on the go.

So, that’s it! Just four products that I have come to rely on day in and day out over the last 7 months. Yes, there will be other things you will need, but truly I have enjoyed just sticking to the basics and not letting myself get overwhelmed with lot’s of stuff. Now, it’s your turn…let me know in the comments what are your must have pregnancy items! I find it so interesting the things we all choose!! Until next time!

Stay Happy & Healthy,

Olivia xo

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