Cooking Asparagus? Beware of the Asparagus Pee Smell

Jul 28, 2015 at 11:39 am |

So you’re cooking some delicious asparagus for you and your date. You sly dog. You munch it up, because guess what, you’re a fantastic cook (I knew it) and you can’t get enough of aphrodisiac foods (that’s right, asparagus makes you randy). Then, you take a tinkle and, holy cow, your pee smells like the inside of a garbage truck. What’s the deal?

You know very well. It’s the dreaded asparagus pee! But why? And how? And can it be avoided? Watch the video below to demystify the mystery that is asparagus pee.

Here’s the thing, everyone’s pee smells after they eat asparagus. However, not everyone smells it. (Mind. Blown.) Hopefully your date didn’t smell it from the other room because yuck-city that pee smells bad. Well, guess what, urine luck because we’re going to explain to you why your pee smells when you eat asparagus and (if you watch the whole thing) you’ll find out how to prevent it.

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The dreaded asparagus pee smell plagues us (but not all of us). Are you one of the lucky ones? Urine luck – we’ll explain why only some of us smell it & how to prevent it.