Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri Stars in Renaissance Paintings

Jul 7, 2015 at 12:46 pm |

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People seem to have strong opinions about Food Network star Guy Fieri — they either love him or detest him. Do you love his flamboyant style? Want to slap off his backwards sunglasses? Do you imitate his spiky hair? Do you envy his seemingly bottomless stomach and eats the things that we want to but will ruin our girlish figures. Well, no matter how you feel about him, you can enjoy someone’s appropriated art of him inserted as babies and cherubs in classic Renaissance paintings. He’s stripped of his trademark gear and laid bare for the world to see.

These amazing works of art were done by graphic designer Ellie Sunakawa. She does a great job of making him fit in the original paintings. She’s got quite the talent for imitating the styles and capturing Fieri’s likeness. It’s part ridiculous, but at the same time he seems to fit in: he does always seem to be excited to eat with the excitement and energy of a little kid.

Fieri was always a happy child. With frosted tips.

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Mom, let’s take a trip to Bible Town!

Now, this is gangsta!

Oh, welcome to Flavor Town!

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These Baby Fieris are off the chain!