Candy! A Candy Shop Trip on Acid

Jun 25, 2015 at 6:21 pm |

Our latest food porn video is a candy shop trip on acid. Warning: this video will give you cavities.

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I want candy, you want candy – frankly, who doesn’t want candy? Whether you love Snickers, chocolate bars, Sour Patch Kids, hard candy, or old school Rocky Candy, you’ll get your fix in this video. And, that got us thinking: everyone has a favorite candy, but which candy represents our personality the best? This spirit animal quiz will help you, once and for all, find your Spirit Candy! Scroll down below and be sure to answer honestly to find out what type of sweet reflects the real you.

What’s Your Spirit Candy?

What did you think? Was that your spirit candy? Share this with your friends to find out their spirit candy.

Warning: this video will give you cavities. And make sure you take our quiz to find out your Spirit Candy! I’m a Sour Patch Kid :(