Canada Finally Drops the Tampon Tax

May 29, 2015 at 3:04 pm |



(Photo by Canadian Menstruators)

Canadians, and anyone who’s a fan of logic, rejoice! Canada has finally dropped a tax applied to tampons and other feminine hygiene products.

The move comes after the group Canadian Menstruators, released this very…odd video.

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Honestly, this video makes me wonder what in the world is going on in Canada. Is this representative of their culture, or are the Canadian Menstruators a group of slight off-humored people?

Either way, the video, and 74,000 petition signatures, persuaded the Canadian government to nix the tax on female hygienic products.

We love this story because it proves that even a small group can help change their country with enough support. Sure, not everything is as simple, and some petitions aren’t worth fighting for… like this current petition in the U.S. to make May 4th National Star Wars Day, (sorry GeekVIP). But when taxes and laws that seem crazy to abide are addressed, it’s good to see a government is willing to make changes.

Not if only we can get governments to address the glaringly obvious wage gap!


You won’t believe the video that convinced the Canadian government…