Boss Sandwiches

Sep 10, 2015 at 12:02 pm |

Nothing makes for a better lunch than a giant sandwich. We’re not talking some flimsy white bread slices with paltry deli meats jammed inside. We’re talking about giant, gorgeous works of edible art crammed with deliciousness. Check out these admirable and jealousy-inducing sandwiches which are in a category of their own. Get ready to be owned by food.

1. Let’s begin with a breakfast bagel

bagel breakfast sandwich with egg cheese avacado bacon

Source: Instagram @meal

2. Looks pretty tasty for a healthy chicken sandwich


loaded chicken sandwich with lettuce tomatoes avocado cucumber onions

Source: Instagram @wonderful_places

3. Coconut crusted chicken


coconut crusted chickeen sandwich

Source: Instagram @foodbeast

4. BBQ pulled pork with mac and cheese


bbq pulled pork mac and cheese sandwich

Source: Instagram @foodbeast

Get read to be owned!