Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Onion Ring Burger Is The New Pizza Burger

Jul 23, 2015 at 12:32 pm |

Have you had time to try The Pizza Burger? Well, time is up because there’s a new burger mash-up that you also have to try.

Innovative chef Tym Bussanich takes a slice of onion, wraps that in bacon because…bacon. Then he puts a burger patty in the middle of that it. After that, Tym dips the frankenburger in breading and deep fries it because…deep fried. He calls it “BACON WRAPPED,BURGER STUFFED ONION RING BURGER!!!!!!” because maybe…Guy Fieri? There should be a catchier name for it on menus. How about The Onion Ring Fried Burger? The Ring of Death? Burger in the Hole?

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What happens when you fry a burger in an onion ring?