Are You Ready for Black Metal Yoga?

Jun 23, 2015 at 4:48 pm |


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When you’re out for a run or on a long bike ride, we bet you enjoy a good playlist of pump up music (most likely Beyonce inspired). And when you take a yoga class, you’re probably more comfortable with some soft ambient music; waterfalls; birds in the rainforest. But what if you’re a fan of the dark lord satan and the music that has brewed straight from the souls of the most evil men and women of the underworld? I’m talking about Black Metal. You’re probably not interested in soft, flowery music when you’re at your yoga class. In that case, you look to Black Yoga founder Kimee Massie.

Forget the calming bird callings of a redwood forest. Open your ears to the ambient downtempo of Swans and the post-rock metal stylings of Red Sparrows. This new type of yoga, which plays a wide range of metal music while switching between poses, encourages movement to the music, and allowing the darkness to come out of you. As Massie’s website says, “You can’t fully appreciate the light until you understand the darkness.”

There’s also Metal Yoga Bones, a class led by instructor Saskia Thode. She listened to metal during hew personal sessions and found that the best way to let her students know her, was by playing the music that helped define her. Thode’s classes are especially metal, as she told The Guardian:

“Metal Yoga starts off with a lot of growling, screaming, and hitting the floor with our fists to give people a chance to release some of the anger, stress and the darkness inside. I also encourage people to move; if they like a song and like the beat, why not move with it? Occasionally we will start a circle pit or such, and to close the class, we raise our voices to Satan with a dark and deep howl,”

Though it may not be for everyone, this new type of yoga is offering a special release for yogis with metal on their brain.

If you’d like to try at home, take a listen to Black Yoga’s playlist series, you may just find you’re more metal than you thought.

BLACK YO)))GA Mix No. 15 by Black Yo)))Ga on Mixcloud

How metal is yogi? Would you listen to this music during your session?