Are Microwaves Dangerous?

Jun 5, 2015 at 1:46 am |

We’ve all heard it: microwaves are dangerous/ will give you cancer/ are bad for your health/ will poison your food — you name it.

But how much truth is there to the warning that microwaves are bad for you?

The YouTube channel Reactions — produced by the American Chemical Society — does a really great series about food myths, and in the video below, they tackle the classic microwave debacle.

In case you still fall for the old wives’ tale: no, microwaves really aren’t bad for you or your food. If you follow your microwave’s instructions and FDA regulations, you’ll be fine. The radiation emitted by FDA approved microwaves is not enough to hurt you if you don’t climb inside the microwave or lean your head against it all day every day while it’s running. Furthermore, microwaving food is one of the best ways to maintain all the nutrients — even better than boiling and blanching.

Long story short: radiation DOES NOT MEAN radioactive.

If you’ve ever wondered how microwaves work or if they’re bad for your food, health, and home, this is the video for you!

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Radiation DOES NOT MEAN radioactive.