A Dad Bod: Hot or Not?

May 14, 2015 at 9:41 am |

We have Leonardo DeCaprio’s new physique and Instagram account College Dad Bods to thank for the new craze in unfit and flabby men who are making ladies swoon.

What exactly is a “dad bod,” you ask?  To correctly classify a dad bod, you have to look at young men whose abs would never be mistaken for washboards but these guys aren’t exactly overweight either.  It’s confusing we know but there is a season for every reason and apparently there is a market for these type of men with young women.

Maybe it’s a bit of a Freudian slip but “dad bods” represent comfort, security, and mostly are non-intimidating to women who deal with personal insecurities.

There are women who seem to be crazy about the kind of man who isn’t afraid to miss a work-out and kick back a six-pack with friends. These men with mini guts seem to be more appropriate for cuddling than sleeping next to someone with a ripped-shaped bod anyways.

What do you think about these shirtless men: hot or not? Would you date a dude with a “dad bod”?

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How do you like the Dad Bod? Do you find it sexy or repulsive?