6 Amazing Uses For Those Silica Gel Packets

Jul 27, 2015 at 2:24 pm |

Ever eat a snack with those silica gel packets in them? A new pair of shoes? The ones that exclaim “DO NOT EAT!” should say “DO NOT THROW AWAY!” You’ll never toss them away after seeing all the uses they have. You see, silica gel is a desiccant, which is a fancy way of saying it absorbs and holds water. The little balls suck up water vapor from the air and keep our new products dry and fresh so they look as good when we open it up as when it was produced in the factory. They keep leather from molding and your chips crispy.

See what else magic they can work:

1. Dry your wet bathing suit super fast

beach bikini bathingsuit

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Traveling and don’t have a dryer? Place your moist bikini in a ziplock baggie filled with as many silica gel packs as you have.

2. Keep your silver from tarnishing

silver jewelry box

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Put a couple silica packs in your jewelry box to keep your precious items from oxidizing.

3. Preserve razors

razor razors

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Keeping your razor in the shower will make your razors rust much more quickly. After use, put it in an airtight jar or tupperware with silica gel packets. This will also help get rid of bacteria — no moisture, no buggies! Pro-tip: Tape them to the lid of the container for less of a mess.

4. Preserve your photos

old photos vintage

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Have precious memories of your great grandparents you want to keep? Store them in a locking plastic container with some silica gel packs. They will help photos last longer and stave off curling. You can even place them in the back of your framed photos!

5. Glass condensation

condensation on glass

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Storing some silica gel packets in your camera bag will fight that condensation on your camera lens. This also works for windshields: Just put them on your dashboard.

6. Put them in your closets

leather shoes belt goods

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I live in a very humid area, which means my leathers shoes and belts get moldy in the closet. If you have this problem too, just put some silica gel packets in your closet, preferably next to or in your leather goodies.

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Hoard those packs!