4 Easy Kitchen Hacks

Jul 13, 2015 at 5:19 pm |

Just because one cooks professionally, doesn’t mean you enjoy every little chore. Professional kitchens and home cooks alike are always looking for time saving tips. Doing something faster and better is always desirable. Check out these kitchen hacks and more to come.

1. Coffee ice cubes

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Tired of getting water-downed ice coffee? Keep it cold, keep it strong with freezing your leftover coffee in ice cube trays. You can also use milk.

2. Strawberries

Skip the knife and save all the strawberry deliciousness. Use a straw to punch out the stem.

3. Slicing cherry tomatoes

Individually slice teeny tomatoes in half can be a pain and boring. Cut them all in one swift motion. Put them between two small plates or plastic container lids and slice through horizontally. Voila!

4. Juicing lemons

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This one is so smart it’s stupid. Get the most juice out of your lemons by using a pair of tongs to get leverage to squeeze.

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