3 Places You’d Never Think You’d Get a Work Out

Jun 19, 2015 at 6:07 pm |

Not all of us having exercise on the mind 24/7. If you’re Jillian Michaels, maybe. But me? No thanks.

However, it is good to think about from time to time on how you can burn some calories and build some muscle without having to make it to the gym. There are plenty of ways that you can get the exercise you need while going through a regular chore, enjoying the weekend, or during travel.

3 Ways to Exercise Outside the Gym:

Grocery Store:


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So yeah, it might be hard to think about working out while you’re buying your groceries, but it’s actually the perfect to place to build some muscle. Think about it, you’re on your feet walking, and you consistently adding weight via produce and grocery items.

The trick? Don’t use a cart and, instead, grab one or two baskets. Evenly distribute the groceries between the baskets. Sure you may look a little crazy, but every time you need to add another item, you have to put both baskets down, add the product, and pick the baskets back up. The longer you shop, the heavier the weight. While you walk, try doing a few curls with your baskets. When you checkout, carry all those baskets at once and test your strength.

The Zoo:

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Okay, so now it’s the weekend and you’re headed with the kids, your nieces and nephews, or just some friends to the zoo (or maybe the amusement park or the water-park). You’re going to be doing a lot of walking. There’s work out aspect number one. Number two comes in the bags and gear you’re carrying: water bottles, sun screen, snacks, diapers, and what nots. Volunteer to pack those things into your backpack and add the weight on. Yeah, it might burn, but it’s supposed to. While everyone else is sucking down slurpees and munching on hot dogs, you’re building your core and burning some extra calories. Score!

The Airport:

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Have to travel for business? Visiting your parents on holiday? Taking a much needed vacation? Most likely, you’re going to find yourself in an airport. While most find sitting around in the airport to be somewhat torturous (which it is), find that opportunity in the hour wait you have before boarding. Grab your carry-on and take a walk through all the terminals. Skip the moving walkways and escalators. Use the stairs and get on your feet! You’re sure to see some interesting faces as you burn those extra calories. And, like the zoo, you’re carrying extra weight which will help boost that heart rate. Don’t worry about feeling exhausted, you can sleep on the plane!

Creativity is queen when you want to find alternative work out routines. See your daily chores and activities in a new light and you might find that you can skip the gym altogether.

Can’t make it to the gym? You make your daily errands and more the workout you need!