3 New Hair Products For Easy Hair

Jul 9, 2015 at 1:10 pm |

I’m a product addict: drawers of make-up, skincare, and hair products. Most people think short hair is easy, but it requires a lot of styling to tame it. I have gels, mousses, oils, pastes, pomades and sprays. I don’t use them all at once, of course. But like my makeup, I like to switch up my style every day. This leads to a large collection of bottles and jars in my vanity. I’m always on the hunt for new products that will do something new. Yes, I’m a sucker for that “NEW!” sticker.

I’m also surprisingly low maintenance┬áconsidering the amount of products I own. I don’t blow dry and don’t want to fuss over my hair. And who does? We love our hair, but fixing it can be a nuisance.

Here are some new products that will help you cut down on your morning routine.

bumble cream


1. Bumble & Bumble, Don’t Blow It

Tired of blowing out your hair every morning? Groundbreaking Bumble does it again with their Don’t Blow It hair cream. It adds texture and bounce to your hair while providing moisture and conditioning. Targeted towards fine and medium textured hair. $30

2. Nuance Salma Hayek, Texture Enhancing Finishing Spray

Sexy Salma Hayek has amazing hair, so it’s no surprise she’d have her own styling line. Is your hair having a case of the Mondays on Wednesday? Definitely grab a bottle of this texturizing spray. Get that shampoo commercial look without the gross stickiness or flaky crunch of other products.



3. Herbal Essences, Wild Naturals Detoxifying Shampoo

All the various stuff you put on your hair will create build up. It’s smart to detox your hair once every several washes to get it back to that silky soft au natural look. Herbal Essences have revamped their brand and created this great clarifying shampoo that smells like a luxury spa. $6

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These new hair products will give you red-carpet-ready hair in seconds.