11 Avocado Recipes That You Will Love

May 8, 2015 at 6:00 pm |

Avocado toast anyone?

Avocados are easily becoming a food darling in the produce section at local super markets. They are loaded with health benefits, tasty, and a key member of the prestigious “superfood” club. We can’t get enough of the delicious and versatile fruit.

Guacamole aside, avocados are quickly becoming the main ingredient of some of our new favorite dishes. They are stealing the show on menus appearing everywhere from salads, sandwiches to tacos, soups, and rice bowls. Have you ever tried an avocado egg-in-a-hole?

Avocado Toast with Egg (Photo Credit / BIG STOCK / alisafarov)

Avocado Toast with Egg (Photo Credit / BIG STOCK / alisafarov)

Read on for some incredible recipes with the top selling fruit at our grocery store. It’s time to give your meals an upgrade with the go-to ingredient.

Want to make avocados even better? Try these 11 recipes…